Values of work, family and religion – continuity and change. A sociological study of Silesian communities Cover Image
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Wartości – pracy, rodziny i religii – ciągłość i zmiana. Socjologiczne studium społeczności śląskich
Values of work, family and religion – continuity and change. A sociological study of Silesian communities

Author(s): Urszula Swadźba
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Sociology
Published by: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Keywords: Silesian communities
Summary/Abstract: The subject of analysis is Silesian values, their origin, strengthening and weakening, aswell as current duration and change in Silesian communities. The analysis concerns Silesiancommunities in the areas of industrial Upper Silesia which, before the World War II belongedto Poland. The very area is culturally homogeneous and has underwent changes of this type.The book consists of three parts, a theoretical, historical and empirical one.The first part discusses theoretical conceptions of values on sociological ground. Whatwas particularly characterized was Ronald Inglehart’s conception of changes of the valuesystem, and transition from materialist to postmaterialist values. A definition of Silesianvalues, and author’s own conception of changes of Silesian values was stated, as well asresearch questions and methods of answering them. Values of work, family and religion ofthe Polish society in the light of the studies of Polish sociologists starting from the end ofthe 1950s to our times were presented.A historical part consists of two chapters where the origin of Silesian values in the secondhalf of the 19th century was presented, and, subsequently, a consolidation of valuesin the Inter‑warperiod. Next, the evolution of Silesian values in the period of real socialismand systemic transformation was discussed.An empirical part was based on the field studies in three Silesian communities, that isa Katowice district of Bogucice, Rydułtowy near Rybnik as well as Gostynia and Wyre inWyry. It contains a characteristic of the communities in question, and, successively, theirstructural analysis. A special emphasis was put on self‑declarationof religiousness and ethnicidentification. Next chapters show changes and duration of the value of work, family andreligion. The analysis used a previously introduced topology of values, taking into considerationR. Inglehart’s conception, and the attempt was made to determine to which extentthe very communities head for a direction following postmaterialist values.Also, the stages of the evolution of Silesian values and their mutual influences were show.The universality of conclusions from studies concerning the whole Polish society, as wellas Silesian specificity was presented. The analysis of the three values under investigation inSilesian communities allowed for formulating a hypothesis complementing R. Inglehart’stheory.

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  • Page Count: 456
  • Publication Year: 2012
  • Language: Polish