Maroussia, from a legend by Marko Wovzog. (Marko Vovchok) Cover Image

Maroussia, d'après une légende de Marko Wovzog. (Marko Vovtchok)
Maroussia, from a legend by Marko Wovzog. (Marko Vovchok)

Author(s): Maria Aleksandrovna Vilinska
Contributor(s): Pierre-Jules Hetzel (Editor)
Subject(s): Novel, 19th Century, Period(s) of Nation Building
Published by: CEEOL Collections / Digital Reproductions
Summary/Abstract: Marko Vovtchok (Ukrainian and Russian: Марко Вовчок), is the male pseudonym of Maria Aleksandrovna Vilinska (in russian: Мария Александровна Вилинская; in Ukrainian: Марія Олександрівна Вілінська). Born December 10, 1833 (December 22, 1833 in the Gregorian calendar) and died July 28, 1907 (August 10, 1907 in the Gregorian calendar), she was a Ukrainian-born Russian writer and translator, and one of the first women of Ukrainian Literature. Often mentioned in France under the name Marko Wovzog, she is known to the French-speaking public thanks to Maroussia, one of her Ukrainian short stories that the publisher Pierre-Jules Hetzel adapted into a novel. Very successful in bookstores in France, this patriotic novel was awarded the Montyon prize from the French Academy in 1879. Translated into several European languages, it was regularly republished in France until 1980.

  • Page Count: 244
  • Publication Year: 1877
  • Language: French