Cross-border cooperation as a tool of local and regional development Cover Image

Транскордонне співробітництво як інструмент місцевого та регіонального розвитку
Cross-border cooperation as a tool of local and regional development

Author(s): V. V. Khiminets, A. A. Golovka, O. I. Mirus
Subject(s): Economic policy, International relations/trade
Published by: НІСД Національний інститут стратегічних досліджень
Summary/Abstract: Decentralization and subsidiarity as basic principles of reform of local self-government and territorial organization of government create at the local level, in particular, conditions for intensifying cross-border cooperation (hereinafter - CBC) as one of the tools for developing communities and regions of Ukraine. In the last decade, a network of horizontal economic, cultural, educational and scientific relations between the border regions of Ukraine and the EU has been actively formed, which ensures cooperation between government and local government, business, universities, research institutions and civil society organizations. Among the favorable factors for the development of such cooperation are geographical proximity (proximity to the EU borders - Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania), targeted long-term EU policy on macro-regions (EU macro-regional strategy for the Danube region, and prospects for the Carpathian macroregion); organizational capabilities (experience of project management and implementation of initiatives in the field of TCS, the potential of regional development agencies (hereinafter - RDA); historical and socio-cultural ties, especially Western Ukrainian territories with European countries; scientific and expert potential; foreign policy vector of Ukraine) Euro-Atlantic civilization space) // At the same time, the border regions of Ukraine face a number of goals that are relevant in the context of the development of TCS. Coherence and complementarity of CBC development goals at the national, regional and local levels also play an important role, which leads to the harmonization of the goals of cross-border cooperation programs, regional development strategies in Ukraine and an inclusive approach to organization of interaction within the TCS. This is the INTRODUCTIONstrengthens the overall positive effect of combining all development programs.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-966-554-334-3
  • Page Count: 47
  • Publication Year: 2021
  • Language: Ukrainian