Humanitarian Policy in Ukraine: Challenges and Prospects (white paper) Cover Image

Гуманітарна політика в Україні: виклики та перспективи (Біла книга)
Humanitarian Policy in Ukraine: Challenges and Prospects (white paper)

Author(s): O. O. Sinaiko, Yulia Tyshchenko, Yu. B. Kaplan, O. Yu. Mikhailova, O.L. Valevsky, M. T. Stepiko, O. M. Litvinenko, A. Yu. Ishchenko, M. M. Karpenko, V. S. Lozovy, S. O. Zubchenko, V. O. Bakalchuk, Svitlana V. Dubova, Serhiy I. Zdioruk, V. V. Tokman, T. V. Chernenko
Subject(s): Health and medicine and law, Family and social welfare, Demography and human biology, Welfare services
Published by: НІСД Національний інститут стратегічних досліджень
Keywords: humanitarian sphere of Ukraine;
Summary/Abstract: The analytical report is prepared in the format of the White Paper, it contains an overview of the main pressing issues in the humanitarian sphere of Ukraine: cultural, educational, scientific, linguistic, as well as religious and church relations, rights of national minorities and indigenous peoples, creative industries. Particular attention is paid to the tasks of state policy in the field of cultural (public) diplomacy and socio-humanitarian reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. Emphasis is placed on the development of the humanitarian sphere in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic: the restriction of mass events, which put the cultural and creative industries on the brink of survival, and the need to develop quality distance and online education in secondary and higher education. The issues of the state of museum affairs and museum funds in Ukraine, the existence of a gap in the level of access to quality cultural services between the population of large cities and the periphery are considered. // The situation with the "language" issue is analyzed, in particular the advantages and challenges of the adoption and implementation of the Law of Ukraine "On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the state language." Attention is paid to the tasks of the state policy of reintegration in the socio-humanitarian sphere, which include analysis of the humanitarian sphere in the temporarily occupied territories, outline the socio-humanitarian needs of residents of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons in need of solutions. increasing the level of cohesion, unity of Ukrainian society. For specialists in the field of humanitarian policy, scientists, experts, a wide range readers.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-966-554-340-4
  • Page Count: 137
  • Publication Year: 2021
  • Language: Ukrainian