Security and Competitiveness of Ukraine's Economy in the Conditions of Globalization Cover Image

Безпека та конкурентоспроможність економіки України в умовах глобалізації
Security and Competitiveness of Ukraine's Economy in the Conditions of Globalization

Author(s): Alexander Stepanovich Vlasyuk
Subject(s): National Economy, Supranational / Global Economy, Economic policy, Geopolitics
Published by: НІСД Національний інститут стратегічних досліджень
Keywords: Ukrainian Economy;
Summary/Abstract: In an era of globalization, when the world has become more interconnected and interdependent, new challenges are rapidly becoming universal and pose real threats to both national and international security and stability. Globalization is becoming an increasingly influential "architect" of the new order of international security and has a contradictory effect on the evolution of relations between states. On the one hand, globalization stimulates the accelerated development of productive forces, scientific and technological progress, increasing intellectual capacity and improving democratic multilateral mechanisms of governance of the international system, and thus contributes to a reliable solution to regional security problems. On the other hand, the spontaneous development of globalization exacerbates a number of existing problems of international security and creates new risks and challenges. Due to differences in financial and economic potentials, cooperation between countries is becoming increasingly asymmetric. A small group of highly developed countries plays the role of subjects of globalization, and the vast majority of other countries are becoming its objects, "drifting" on the waves of financial and economic development. Moreover, the weakest members of the world community suffer much greater losses from the negative effects of globalization compared to countries that are protected by their own financial and economic power. The result is stratification, up to the abyss, in the pace and direction of socio-economic development of entire regions of the world.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-966-554-297-1
  • Page Count: 384
  • Publication Year: 2017
  • Language: Ukrainian