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Prije kabura – mrak
Before Death – Darkness

Author(s): Feđa Gudić
Subject(s): Language and Literature Studies, Literary Texts, Fiction, Studies of Literature, Short Story, Bosnian Literature
Published by: Imprimatur d.o.o.
Keywords: Short stories; psychological; Bosnia; characters; relationships;
Summary/Abstract: “Before death – darkness” in 24 short stories illuminates a whole spectrum of human nature and inclinations: it includes silent righteous, noble, invertebrates, thugs, indifferent villains, comrades, people on the last frontier of common sense. In this collection, every reluctant tick, twitch of eyelid or body speaks more about interpersonal relationships than exalted dialogue or surprising twists. And no matter how much they lack great works of Promethean proportions, Zaim, Hasan, Asim, Meho the Butcher, Dr. Crnac still get a space where all the human spirit with a lot of humor comes to life in everyday, almost trivial earthquakes, in which they themselves are so realistically portrayed that someone may say with certainty that their existence and action are not so much imaginary as witnessed. And the ease of language and expression with which it is witnessed - in addition to keeping the reader's attention on the most important, difficult to perceive details - is the greatest value of such stories. Yet the latent melancholy behind that humor cannot and must not be overlooked, a kind of disappointment that hovers over every optimistic, promising start. That is why there is darkness before everyone's grave, whether in the background or not, with which no one manages to maneuver constantly or to hide from. The sensitivity of this collection is in the darkness that is briefly - in certain moments of absurdity and laughter - forgotten.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-99976-53-12-3
  • Page Count: 198
  • Publication Year: 2021
  • Language: Bosnian