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Author(s): Vasilije Glomazić
Subject(s): Literary Texts, Novel, Serbian Literature
Published by: Imprimatur d.o.o.
Keywords: Novel; writer; inner drama; thriller; relationships; writing;
Summary/Abstract: The talented Slobodan Karl lives and writes anticlimax. For fifteen years he has been trying desperately to write “the best novel in the world” by which he will cross the self-imposed limit and call himself a writer - a man who lives exclusively from writing. As a guide for weekend trips, he turns interesting ideas into weak endings, and in relation to people - impressive first impressions into disappointments. Slobodan is convinced that in order to turn his talent into success, he needs material security and time, which exist in his life as mutual exclusivity. Uncertain, he finds solace in superficial relationships. When his life is further complicated by the divorce and the condition of his son, Slobodan is ready to do what he can do best - write another average novel that no one needs, least of all. A chance meeting with Dušan Jadrančić, a self-proclaimed risk trader and a man of seemingly vague intentions, will initiate a series of emotional and structural changes in Slobodan that will bring him to the brink of success.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-99976-53-13-0
  • Page Count: 260
  • Publication Year: 2021
  • Language: Serbian