The Metaphor and the Creation of Poetic Meaning. An Outlook from and towards Blaga Cover Image

Metafora și instituirea sensului poetic. O privire dinspre și înspre Blaga
The Metaphor and the Creation of Poetic Meaning. An Outlook from and towards Blaga

Author(s): Oana Boc
Subject(s): Stylistics
Published by: Universitatea de Vest din Timişoara
Keywords: metaphor;poetic meaning;universe of discourse;poetic finality;stylistics;

Summary/Abstract: Literary text interpretation from a poetic and stylistic perspective presupposes a functional approach aimed at identifying and interpreting the linguistic categories (as pre-textual units, already rendered within and through the idiomatic tradition) and the textual ways of establishing meaning, as well as the discovery of semantic functions beyond textual expression, which are geared towards a type of finality that is specific to literary textuality: the creation of poetic worlds. World-conceiving is, in fact, as Eugeniu Coşeriu reveals, the essential and intrinsic finality of poetry, the poetic finality. We are setting ourselves, in the present paper, with the task of presenting certain aspects to help disclose the essential role of the metaphor in instituting poetic meaning, not only at a syntagmatic level, as a literary device, but especially at a macro-textual level, as a global semantic strategy, as foreshadowed by the anthropological poetics, starting from Blaga’s metaphorical functions. The poetic act creates its own referent during (and simultaneously to) the process of creation of meaning with poetic finality, by interrupting the primary organisation of the world rendered by language and by an individual and free reconfiguration of the world order, in an independent universe of discourse. And this is an essential metaphorical process wich is guided by the poetic principle of the transgression of the “ordinary system of meanings” into a different “ontological horizon”, in Lucian Blaga’s terms. Moreover, investigating the uniqueness presented by the discursive and textual techniques, that is to say, of the discursive form – which, in L. Blaga’s vision, is in itself metaphorical – discloses the uniqueness of the poetic meaning and, implicitly, of the instituted poetic world, as we shall demonstrate in our paper.

  • Issue Year: VIII/2020
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 226-235
  • Page Count: 10
  • Language: Romanian