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A counseling model of career guidance for youth
A counseling model of career guidance for youth

Author(s): Sanda Nicoleta Popescu
Subject(s): School education
Published by: Editura Universității de Vest
Keywords: model; career; decision; adolescents; guidance;

Summary/Abstract: The dynamics of the labour market are characterized by several important aspects such as:the emergence of new trades and the disappearance of others, the emergence of thephenomenon of technology, of the tendency to replace the human activity with thecomputerized activity in many fields, the replacement of office work with telework, thereplacement of the physical space of professional activity with the virtual space. Accordingto these considerations, the school should provide support to adolescents by applyingcounselling strategies in their choosing of a career. The novelty compared to the previousstudies is that the present research provides a dynamic perspective in counsellingadolescents on the approach of a career, which is based on a quadric-dimensional model,founded on four determining vectors for the career decision-making: identification of theproblem, analysis of the individual profile, analysis of the socio-economic environment andprojection of the career plan (involving the completion of some activities), which can beachieved over time whenever indecision or any other change occurs. The counselling modelsets out an applicable approach whenever the adolescent faces fluctuating occupationalinterests against the background of social and economic uncertainties plus the prospect ofa poor self-knowledge of their own resources but also an insufficient analysis provided bythe school in relation to the labour market. This research is advancing the hypothesis thatcounselling and guidance services are supposed to be valued as important by mosteducational factors. From this perspective, in the descriptive study undertaken, we engagedthe methodology of the questionnaire and observation and the results obtained reinforcethe idea that school is the main factor that can determine the career success of theadolescent. The quadri-dimensional model of counselling the adolescents in choosing acareer can be an effective tool in terms of the ratio of the results obtained from theapplication to the effort involved.

  • Issue Year: 43/2021
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 63-84
  • Page Count: 22
  • Language: English