Covid-19 epidemic: a re-occupancy assessment through an educational buildings Cover Image

Covid-19 salgını: eğitim yapıları üzerinden yeniden kullanım değerlendirmesi
Covid-19 epidemic: a re-occupancy assessment through an educational buildings

Author(s): Caner Yetiş, Merve Tuna Kayılı
Subject(s): Architecture, Security and defense, School education, State/Government and Education, Health and medicine and law, Sociology of Education, Distance learning / e-learning
Published by: Rating Academy
Keywords: COVID 19; re-occupancy assessment; educational buildings; controlled education; architectural and engineering control in the epidemic;

Summary/Abstract: The COVID-19 epidemic, which is a widespread epidemic worldwide, continues to seriously threaten life. Although the spread of the virus by contact and droplet scattering requires the evacuation of collective and social living spaces and individual protection of people in their homes, this situation has not seemed possible from an economic, psychological and physiological perspective. The education system, which has started online education with the first case, was greatly affected by the epidemic. The control of the epidemic is of great importance in terms of preventing students from being affected by the virus in schools where controlled social life and controlled education are switched due to the decrease in the course of the epidemic. Examining the precautions to be taken for controlled education in schools and the rules to be followed and accordingly re-occupancy evaluation are the most important way to combat the epidemic with architectural and engineering control. In this context, this study includes the controlled education measures under the heading of controlled social life and the re-occupancy evaluation over selected educational buildings by reading the rules for epidemic management and development of healthy environments in educational buildings from different guides. In addition, this paper argues that the epidemic risk, which should be handled in the design phase of the building, should not be ignored in the buildings, as well as the architectural and engineering controls in terms of the payoff of the epidemic.

  • Issue Year: 6/2021
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 199-214
  • Page Count: 16
  • Language: Turkish