Senj's Uskok and Noble Family of Konjiković-Kognicovich Cover Image

Senjska uskočka i plemićka obitelj Konjiković – Cognicovich
Senj's Uskok and Noble Family of Konjiković-Kognicovich

Author(s): Enver Ljubović
Subject(s): Cultural history, Diplomatic history, Local History / Microhistory
Published by: Senjsko muzejsko društvo i Gradski muzej Senj
Keywords: noble family; Konjiković-Cognicovich; coats of arms;

Summary/Abstract: Senj several experienced officers, judges and dignitaries. They participated in the public and political life of the town of Senj and gained a reputation as one of the most aristocratic families of the Habsburg countries. In linguistic terms their surname derives from konjik (horseman) i.e. a rider in the border army, and in historical documents their surname can be found in the forms of Konjiković,Kognicovic and Cognicovich. Austrian King Leopold I granted them nobility and a coat of arms on 6th January 1682 in Vienna with respect to the canon of Senj's chapter Stjepan Konjiković and his brother Juraj and nephew Ivan. In the lists of the permanent military garrison of the Nehaj fortress of 1698 are mentioned the names of Mihael (Miko) and Andrija (Jandre) Konjiković. In 1720 Mihael (Miko) was added to the list of Senj's patricians and in 1742 Juraj Konjiković, a prominent Senj citizen, was also added to the town's nobility. In 1772 Franjo Vinko von Konjiković, a Croatian and Hungarian noble, Senj patriarch and captain in the Austrian army, received papal nobility from Pope Clement XIV. Today the last male descendant of this family is Đorđe Konjiković, who lives in Paris, leads a pedigree of the reputable Senj merchant Antun von Konjiković who was born in 1809 and who died in Senj in 1852. He also had a son Ivan who finished law school in Vienna and who was a judge and court president in Gospić.

  • Issue Year: 37/2010
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 79-86
  • Page Count: 7
  • Language: Croatian