Ante Glavičić, guardian and promoter of Senj’s historical and cultural heritage – dear man of Senj and friend Cover Image

Ante Glavičić, čuvar i promicatelj senjske povijesne i kulturne baštine – dragi Senjanin i prijatelj
Ante Glavičić, guardian and promoter of Senj’s historical and cultural heritage – dear man of Senj and friend

Author(s): Fila Bekavac Lokmer, Juraj Lokmer
Subject(s): Museology & Heritage Studies, Preservation, Conference Report
Published by: Senjsko muzejsko društvo i Gradski muzej Senj
Keywords: Ante Glavičić; Senj;

Summary/Abstract: In the line of greats of Senj’s history and guardians of Croatian heritage the distinctive character of Senj’s Ante Glavičić, curator and long time director of the Senj City Museum stands out. Livingand working in the environment from where he originated and in which it is difficult to be “a prophet in one’s own native land” he did more than many on the Croatian level, who had better conditions,political support and all other circumstances. Dedicating his entire private and public life to Senj’s cultural-history, and thereby Croatian heritage too he worked in a financially meagre environment, although with a rich inspiration, the incentives and the challenges of heritage. Out of respect and affection they called him "signor Ante" – many just called him "professor" – because in truth he was a professor, but also a noble gentleman, a knight – sometimes also Don Quixote – of Senj’s, Croatia’s spirit, culture, heritage and identity. His greatest successes were not his extensive architecturalrestoration ventures (the Vukasović Palace, the Nehaj fortress), but the Senj Almanac with which Senj and Croatia are promoted throughout the world even today. Added to this also should be the numerous anniversary celebrations of deserving people from Senj and Senj’s part in Croatian and European history. He enjoyed the independent, free Croatia for which he worked for with all his spirit and physical strength, the realisation of which he prepared. Especially worth mentioning is the fact that he made good use of Senj’s huge potential "in the world" and his Senj friends, prominent intellectuals, scientists and influential social personalities, as well as the importance of Senj and its heritage in national and wider dimensions. This is best witnessed in the large number of collaborators, the enviable quality of Senj’s Almanacs and all the publications of the Senj City Museum’s Society, such as the reprints ofSenj’s glagolitic editions. This is the path which his successors should follow, which should be continued by the Senj City Museum and Senj’s Museum Society, not giving up on the basics of “signor Ante’s” principles of activity (love for Senj and Croatia), but towards the adaptations of new times, using new approaches and new technologies. Although in everything that “signor Ante” did, initiatedand encouraged – he was spiritus movens the greatest part of Senj’s and many general Croatian cultural events – he raised himself as an indestructible monument, certainly deserving of Senj and the people of Senj to outwardly express with deeds their recognition, gratitude and respect for him. Therefore we are waiting for one of Senj’s streets to be named after him, that Senj erects a worthy monument to him, but mostly that the Senj City Museum and the Senj Museum Society continue with the work and zeal, the joy and dedication which Prof. Ante Glavičić showed. "Signor Ante" remains in our memory and in out hearts firm like the Senj fort which for centuries had resisted the enemy, the ravages of time and darkness of oblivion. And let it be so. Amen.

  • Issue Year: 40/2013
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 79-84
  • Page Count: 6
  • Language: Croatian