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Creating Collaborative Infrastructure for Inclusive Urban Innovation
Creating Collaborative Infrastructure for Inclusive Urban Innovation

Author(s): Ani Matei, Andreea-Maria Tîrziu
Subject(s): Civil Society, Public Administration, Public Law
Published by: Editura Economică
Keywords: "collaborative infrastructure'';'' inclusive, innovation'';''smart cities'';

Summary/Abstract: Cities are becoming actual innovation centres, mainly regardingproducts and services industries, processes and roles taken by actorsinvolved. Societies’ expectations are increasing and, along with the ICTtechnologies use, they can drive normative and cultural change, thusincreasing collective resources and growing social and economicinfrastructure performance. This paper aims to present a framework ofdevelopmental backgrounds with great impact on collaborativeinfrastructure that can be used to enhance social inclusive urbaninnovation. The methodology used for this research is both bibliographic –opting to study the work of specialists in the field, and empirical – thetheoretical approach is supported through global case studies. Creating acollaborative infrastructure will become an important element in thecontext of developing smart and inclusive cities. The results of this paperwill show that collaborative practices have an important role regarding thisissue, therefore the collaboration between public and private sectors couldimprove citizens’ life quality. Although technology is a main element in allactivities, we have identified that the capability and willingness ofindividuals and institutions to cooperate and innovate is also important, notonly by using electronic means, but also through traditional ways ofparticipating in the social developing process.

  • Issue Year: 2020
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 45-60
  • Page Count: 16
  • Language: English