The Digital Charm of Online Existence. The Road to the Post-Truth Age Cover Image

The Digital Charm of Online Existence. The Road to the Post-Truth Age

Author(s): Zoltán Szűts
Subject(s): Media studies, Theory of Communication
Published by: Fórum Könyvkiadó Intézet
Keywords: post-truth; networking; digitization; fake news; algorithms; uncertainty

Summary/Abstract: This study aims to outline the path elements that led to the post-truth age through digitization and networking. The name of the post-truth era, which is the focus of the study, has been transferred from the United States' political debates to the discourses describing the present communication and social processes. Although the post-truth concept's interpretation varies from discipline to discipline, it means the packaging and mediatizing of fake news, deep fake, gossip, conspiracy theories, and lies as truth. Unethical practices have found fertile ground in the social media environment, supported by algorithms. In summary, the dominance of the structures before the network's age, more precisely in the previous millennium, has been overturned. Algorithms have taken over human control. The acquisition of knowledge increasingly involves uncertain sources, traditional points of orientation have disappeared, and immediacy and superficiality have replaced permanence on the road to the post-truth era.

  • Issue Year: L/2020
  • Issue No: 4
  • Page Range: 11-25
  • Page Count: 15
  • Language: Hungarian