Latin inscriptions and aristocrats' coats of arms in saint Vitus church in Tuliszków Cover Image

Inskrypcje łacińskie i herby możnowładców w kościele św. Wita w Tuliszkowie
Latin inscriptions and aristocrats' coats of arms in saint Vitus church in Tuliszków

Author(s): Bogdan Cichy
Subject(s): History of Church(es)
Published by: Instytut Wydawniczy Księży Misjonarzy “Nasza Przeszłość”
Keywords: epitaph; saint Vitus church; Krotoski; Sierpc; Tuliszków; Wodzicka; Zamoyska; Zaremba

Summary/Abstract: In Tuliszków, in the church of saint Vitus the Martyr, there are Latin inscriptions and coats of arms of aristocrats who had something in common with Tuliszków. In the existing scholarly papers no analysis of these inscriptions has been made. Also, insufficient attention has been paid to the remaining coats of arms. The aim of this paper was to describe the existing objects, analyze the inscriptions’ content and evaluate them critically in light of available and already published information about the church in Tuliszków. The methods to conduct this analysis were: on-site verification, survey of state and church archives, as well as an investigation of literature. It turned out that Mikołaj Zaremba from Kalinów, son of the castellan of Kalisz, was a husband of Anna nee Sieprska. Their daughter, Katarzyna, married Jan Krotoski who was a diplomat of Stefan Batory. After their husbands’ death Anna and Katarzyna funded an epitaph of the deceased. It is still to be found in the church in Tuliszków. Moreover, there is a baptistery from 1890 in this church. The baptistery was funded by Zofia Jadwiga nee Zamoyska – a wife of Ludwik Wodzicki. Both the baptistery and the church tower are decorated by Zamoyski’s and Wodzicki’s coats of arms. In my paper, it has been shown for the first time that Jan Krotowski was a husband of Katarzyna Zarembianka.

  • Issue Year: 2020
  • Issue No: 134
  • Page Range: 95-115
  • Page Count: 21
  • Language: Polish
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