Correlation Between Socio-economic Development and Education Cover Image

Correlation Between Socio-economic Development and Education
Correlation Between Socio-economic Development and Education

Author(s): Petar Atanasov
Subject(s): Social Sciences
Published by: Институт за социолошки и политичко-правни истражувања
Keywords: socio-economic development; education; human capital; developing countries

Summary/Abstract: The importance of education is seen through its influence on the economic growth and human development in general. In the field of development, investment made in human capital are maybe the kay factor. This means that investing in education is a condition without which no society can develop. After the Second World War, the expectations for the role of education in development had been quite big. The expansion and improvement of education were considered essential pre-conditions for development. The goverments of many countries invested a lot in education. Unfortunatly, towards the end of 20th century, this optimism decreased. Not all investements in education were decisive for the development. At the same time, resources were insufficient and the quality of education not always attainable. This work is going to analyse the role of education and its relation to socio-economic development. The central dilemma to this research is: How much has been invested in education and if education is in any way a guarantee for development. Developing countries and the countries of medium development are oftentimes advised to continue investing in education. Education has both, direct and indirect influence on individualea and societies as a whole. Some of the knowledge gained regarding the realtion of socio-economic development and education is going to be compared with the situation and the experience in Republic of MAcedonia. We will also analyze the ducation segments which are mostly innovated and invested in. This work is an attempt to analyze the issues related to education and socio-economic development and to elabirate in the main educational theses in this area.