Education in the Family in Confrontation with Gender Ideology Cover Image

Wychowanie w rodzinie w zderzeniu z ideologią gender
Education in the Family in Confrontation with Gender Ideology

Author(s): Wojsław Czupryński
Subject(s): Philosophy, Theology and Religion
Published by: Wydawnictwo Diecezjalne »Adalbertinum«
Keywords: family; upbringing and education; gender; anti-pedagogy

Summary/Abstract: The socio-cultural transformations of recent decades are very intense. They concern the most fundamental aspects of human existence: the meaning and purpose of life, the concept of happiness, interpersonal relationships, the model of society and family life. The events of recent years that have appeared in the landscape of Polish streets (so-called “equality marches”) and the Polish school (e.g. “rainbow Friday”, sex education classes run by LGBT activists) require a thorough diagnosis of this phenomenon and formulating adequate answers meeting new challenges. The family is a sensitive resonator of social and cultural processes in post-modernity. In todayʼs family as a basic social group there are changes that cause concern. Their revolutionary nature results from the questioning of undeniable values until recently, such as the irreplaceable role of the family in raising children, love, responsibility and faithfulness. Questions arise about the consequences of cultural changes in post-modernity for the functioning of marriage and family. Gender ideology is a consequence of losing the right ontological and metaphysical perspective. The gender impact opens the way to the destruction of the foundations of marriage and family as well as interpersonal relationships. A new anti-pedagogy arises on the basis of the gender vision of the world, for which the theory of education consists in rejecting authority, discipline, a permanent system of values, the need to work on one's own character and making any requirements.

  • Issue Year: 21/2019
  • Issue No: 4
  • Language: Polish