Poetics of Oral Lyric Poems in the Ethnological Context in Žabljak near Livno Cover Image

Poetika Suvremenih Zapisa Usmene Lirike u Žabljaku kod Livna
Poetics of Oral Lyric Poems in the Ethnological Context in Žabljak near Livno

Author(s): Gloria Lozančić, Sandra Lukšić
Subject(s): Cultural history, Customs / Folklore, Poetry, Local History / Microhistory, Oral history, Theory of Literature
Published by: Društvo hrvatskih književnika Herceg-Bosne
Keywords: oral literature; oral lyric songs; folk traditions; religious traditions; Žabljak;

Summary/Abstract: Oral literature is an art of words that has been reflected on many human generations for centuries. In addition to being the oldest and longest- lasting form of artistic creation through a linguistic medium, it symbolizes every human being where the greatest domain is achieved by sensibility. This sensitivity is sealed in many lyrical songs, starting with love songs, ritual songs, poskočicama u kolu, lullabies, humorous songs, etc., and the greatest one is woven through the resulting records. Most of the narrations refer to oral lyric poetry, which is accompanied by oral-prose types and folk customs of the town of Žabljak near Livno. Through religious oral lyrics consisting of prayer songs, chants and verified legends, all through traditional customs, the genetic code of our people is visible through different times, and that is a precious heritage. The written narratives provide a kind of journey through the former life, which was enriched with various folk tales that are more open, freer and more elastic literary type, unlike fairy tales, which are the longest oral prose genre. The opus of oral folk literature is invaluable and extensive to such an extent that it is impossible to gather it all in one place, but it is possible to nurture and inherit it.

  • Issue Year: 2020
  • Issue No: 103-104
  • Page Range: 163-186
  • Page Count: 24
  • Language: Croatian