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Fragrances and the Spirit of the Cities
Fragrances and the Spirit of the Cities

Author(s): Brîndușa - Mariana Amălancei
Subject(s): History, Language studies, Language and Literature Studies, Cultural history, History of ideas
Published by: Editura Alma Mater
Keywords: naming; perfumes; city olfactory identity;

Summary/Abstract: Choosing the name of a perfume represents a real challenge, especially in a context where we frequently witness the promotion of such luxury products. Our paper aims to highlight the results of reference research in the literature dedicated to perfume naming, undertaken by Marie-Claude Vettraino-Soulard (1984), Mariette Julien (2009), Magalie Gobet and Emmeline Le Gall (2011), emphasising a number of trends characteristic of certain periods. One of the current trends is the “exploitation of different territories of evocation” (Seidmann 2009) and the focus on exclusive collections, which give the consumer the feeling of authenticity and uniqueness. Starting from the study of relatively recent online articles, we intend to present the story of perfumes whose composition and/or whose name was inspired by the cities through which their creators have passed. Such perfumes offer a unique experience, through the olfactory power of evocation, design and even through the location from which they can be purchased.

  • Issue Year: 2020
  • Issue No: 25
  • Language: English, French