The Evolution of Hospital Dramas Cover Image

A kórházsorozatok evolúciója
The Evolution of Hospital Dramas

Author(s): Tamás Dunai, Nikolett Lilla Lengyel
Subject(s): Media studies, Theory of Communication
Published by: Medea Egyesület
Keywords: genre; hospital; hospital drama; medical drama; medium; narrative complexity; series; serial; social issues;

Summary/Abstract: The number and the importance of television series has been constantly growing in the past decades due to the expansionof multi-channel commercial television, cable television and lately, streaming services. Television series are important parts ofaudience recruitment strategies, thus have a signifi cant role in the stark competition. It is increasingly diffi cult to excel with anew show in the saturated market. The constant urge of renewal is embedded in television series – every producer strives tocreate something within the confi nes of the medium that is both familiar, easily comprehensible, yet show elements of noveltyto emerge from the sea of contemporaries. Television series are stellar examples for what Seldes calls ‘lively arts’ since theseare in a constant interaction with everyday life, characterized by continuous creative renewal, and steadily revitalizing alreadyestablished formulas. In this study we aim to introduce the logic of renewal in the hospital drama genre, however, our frame ofreference can be extended to examine other genres as well.

  • Issue Year: XV/2020
  • Issue No: 3
  • Page Range: 33-47
  • Page Count: 16
  • Language: Hungarian
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