A Short Mapping of the Ways of Expressing Agreement in Romanian Cover Image

A Short Mapping of the Ways of Expressing Agreement in Romanian
A Short Mapping of the Ways of Expressing Agreement in Romanian

Author(s): Violeta DRĂGOIESCU
Subject(s): Language and Literature Studies, Phraseology
Keywords: agreement/disagreement; discourse analysis; discursive markers; discursive coherence;

Summary/Abstract: This communication represents a section/segment of our doctoral thesis titled Discursive Manifestations of Agreement and Disagreement in the Area of Romanic Languages. Pleading for an Intercultural Paradigm and its objective are to describe certain mechanisms of building the speech in order to show the complexity and importance of this linguistic phenomenon in communication. The speech is one of the preferred domains to apply pragmatic patterns, its analysis guiding us towards certain logic of the actions. Based on/supported by the language, the speech is under the constraint of both constitutive (structural) rules and efficiency principles. In the process of communication, there are at least two factors involved, one of them is that which initiates the action and the other is the beneficiary of the action previously initiated. They can perceive and issue a plethora of constative and performative sentences/utterances. The speech/ discourse analysis is mainly preoccupied with oral speech, especially with natural conversations’ analysis. By natural conversation, we understand any verbal interaction either face-to-face or away from each other (phone, letter, mail, a.s.o.) where situational, contextual, gestural, intonational factors play an important part. The first part of our endeavor/ step will be dedicated to defining and categorizing natural conversation (face-to-face), gestural communication and in the second part of our communication we shall describe and analyze the discourse markers of agreement and disagreement in the Romanian language, insisting also upon the consistency of the text, as an essential element in constructing, issuing and processing the information.

  • Issue Year: XXXIII/2019
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 239-249
  • Page Count: 7
  • Language: English