News movement - BNT news analysis (january 01 - january 31, 2019) Cover Image

Движение на новината - анализ на новините на БНТ (1 януари – 31 януари 2019 г.)
News movement - BNT news analysis (january 01 - january 31, 2019)

Author(s): Denislav Borisov
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Media studies, Communication studies
Published by: Софийски университет »Св. Климент Охридски«
Keywords: news; news movement; television; television news broadcasting; audience

Summary/Abstract: News is information about a recently changing situation or a recent event. The news brings development and change within itself. In order for a message to become news, it must undergo some movement. The movement of news is one of the most important features of modern television news, which includes its relevance, traceability, exclusivity, audience orientation, competitiveness. Today, the news movement is part of every single news program, and the study of this movement gives conclusions that outline in a peculiar way the current picture of television news.