From the Montanunion to the European Union Cover Image

A Montánuniótól az Európai Unióig
From the Montanunion to the European Union

Author(s): László J. Nagy
Subject(s): History of European Union
Published by: Korunk Baráti Társaság
Keywords: European Economic Community; European Union; Montanunion

Summary/Abstract: The will for peace led intellectuals and then politicians to lay the foundations of the community of European states and to eradicate in this way the possibilities of war within the European continent. After WWII the German question and the Cold War atmosphere resulted in the creation of the socalled Montanunion (European Coal and Steel Community) that based the production of coal and steel on a French-German cooperation. After its success, in 1957, the European Economic Community was created, with the aim of realizing a more and more tight union between Europe’s nations. The plan was widely discussed beginning with the 1970s. First, the bases of European identity were discussed. Beginning with the 1980s, in the EEC, already consisting of 12 states, plans referring to the creation of a political union were discussed at a very concrete level. This process resulted after much compromise on every side in the European Union’s Treaty in 1993, largely due to the political changes in Eastern Europe.

  • Issue Year: 2020
  • Issue No: 08
  • Page Range: 27-37
  • Page Count: 11
  • Language: Hungarian