Fridrik II. Celjski as a candidate for Bosnian throne Cover Image

Fridrik II. Celjski kao pretendent na bosansko prijestolje
Fridrik II. Celjski as a candidate for Bosnian throne

Author(s): Pejo Ćošković
Subject(s): History
Published by: Institut za istoriju
Keywords: Bosansko Kraljevstvo; Tomaš Ostojić; Radivoj Ostojić; Stjepan Vukčić Kosača; Herman II. Celjski; Fridrik II. Celjski; Sigismund Luksemburški; Bosanci; Ugri; Osmanlije; bosansko prijestolje; sabor vlastela

Summary/Abstract: In the 15th century, it was the ruler and the aristocracy, assemd bled in the national assembly, that decided on who would be sitting on the Bosnian throne. Their activities in that respect were not undertaken simuld taneously; the king used to try to solve the issue of his heir, as it was done by King Tvrtko II in 1427. Alternatively, he would recommend to the country’s aristocracy a candidate from the ranks of the ruling dynasty d as King Tvrd tko II, indeed did, opting from Tomaš, the younger son of King Ostoja. The members of aristocracy could either accept or reject the king’s proposal. In this specific case, they were divided on the issue of Tomaš, whereby most of them accepted him, while a small minority, led by powerful Duke Stjepan Vukčić Kosača favoured Ostoja’s older son Radivoj, who had already acted as viceroy. This attitude of Bosnians nurtured the ruling ambitions of Prind ce Frederic II of Celje, with whose father Tvrtko II once tried to solve the issue of heir to the Bosnian throne and crown. Indeed, the young ruler of Celje did undertake certain steps threatening King Tomaš, who complained to Frederic III, the Holy Roman Emperor and the King of Germany

  • Issue Year: 2006
  • Issue No: 35
  • Page Range: 011-030
  • Page Count: 20
  • Language: Bosnian
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