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Replici, bâlbe, poante, haz
Catch lines, bloopers, jokes, funny moments

Author(s): Răzvan Ionescu
Subject(s): Anthology
Published by: Renaşterea Cluj
Keywords: Romanian theater; Romanian film; funny events; Nicolae Gărdescu; Septimiu Sever; Adrian Georgescu; Gelu Birău; Ieronim Crişan; Dumitru Titi Rucăreanu;

Summary/Abstract: The world of theater and fi lm, but also the world of bohemia around it, have always been a never-ending source of funny happenings, acid replicas, ruthless spontaneities, more or less friendly jokes. The despising aseptics kept their distance, the scoundrels speculated its weaknesses, the loafers loved it unconditionally, the sycophants coveted it, the guild’s memory preserved it, sometimes passing it on to the next generations, even though the protagonists have already departed this life. Some of these events are recalled in the article.

  • Issue Year: XIV/2020
  • Issue No: 01
  • Page Range: 53-60
  • Page Count: 8
  • Language: Romanian