Cosmetics used in the Salons of Timișoara in the Interwar Period Cover Image

Produse cosmetice folosite în saloanele Timișoarei interbelice
Cosmetics used in the Salons of Timișoara in the Interwar Period

Author(s): Minodora Damian
Subject(s): History, Cultural history, Local History / Microhistory, Recent History (1900 till today)
Published by: Editura Altip
Keywords: cosmetics; salons; Timișoara; the interwar period;

Summary/Abstract: Among the many factors of the emancipation, beauty was one of the important items of this concept, present mainly in women’s daily Timisoara. Kosmeticos, etymologically derived from Greek, means craftsmanship decoration, so cosmetics is practice art of hygienic care of the face and hair with methods and special preparations.Cosmetics helped to identify external image cult as an industry that was promoted by commercial publishing, characterized by harnessing the positive attributes and minimizing their possible weaknesses.Expressions used for transmitthe advertising message so as to achieve the vision of the potential client come first product quality and not its defects. The applicant in the interwar period would be ideal even large corporations today, the message says it all, does not leave room for interpretation, directing the product directly to the buyer.After the First World War, Timișoara has refound the identity of socio-economic and financial past. Thus, territorial and political liberation brings creative and spiritual extrication, that heralded a bold reset of almost the entire spectrum of daily life (Fig. 1). In Timișoara society arises the hypothesis of a modernization generated by developing an action of social transformation and change of mentality. Juvenile population have adopted Western lifestyles by taking stylistic trends exhibited in developed Western Europe.Creating a model required by the cosmetics industry and the media, women look transposes contemporary lines that converge silently from natural to artificial. Therefore, everything in fashion plated forged natural beauty of women, creating a discreet artificial aesthetification due to the necessity of opening a large consumer markets of paints, creams, lipsticks and eyeshadow.

  • Issue Year: 2019
  • Issue No: 10
  • Page Range: 309-322
  • Page Count: 14
  • Language: Romanian