The book in the digital age Cover Image

Cartea în era digitală
The book in the digital age

Author(s): Ștefan Vasile
Subject(s): Education and training, Anthology
Published by: Asociația Cultural Științifică „Dimitrie Ghika-Comănești”
Keywords: e-book; digital; deposit; avatar; technology;

Summary/Abstract: Books have been around for millennia, playing a vital role inhuman civilization as a practical way to code and safeguard knowledge acquired by people who lived long before us. Not only that, but prior to TV and modern-day electronic devices books were a source of entertainment for literate individuals. We as civilized specie owe a lot to books and it would be pity to abandon them in the wake of the digitally interactive world that is shaping before our eyes. Although paper books have a certain appeal for the purist who enjoys the pleasure of turning pages with the tip of the fingers, one must not be afraid of digital books such as e-books or audio books. Ever since transitioning from writing and drawing on cave walls and rocks to writing on leaves and animal skins, books have evolved as well. The same way as ancient Egyptian books written on papyrus or Western European medieval books hand written on lamb skins bear little resemblance to current books printed on paper, modern e-books or digital audio books are just different avatars of knowledge safekeeping through books.Just think that a humble PC or laptop can shelter millions digital books,while it would take a monumental building to shelter and make available that many books in printed version.

  • Issue Year: 2017
  • Issue No: 6
  • Page Range: 573-579
  • Page Count: 7
  • Language: Romanian