Emeritus Teacher Constantin Motas - Scientist, Matchless Teacher, Organizer and founder of Academic institutions Cover Image

Profesor emerit Constantin Motas - om de stiinta, inegalabil profesor universitar, organizator si fondator de institutii academice
Emeritus Teacher Constantin Motas - Scientist, Matchless Teacher, Organizer and founder of Academic institutions

Author(s): Dumitru Murariu
Subject(s): Scientific Life
Published by: Asociația Cultural Științifică „Dimitrie Ghika-Comănești”
Keywords: Constantin Motaș; the National Museum of Natural History; Emile Racovitza; Ion Borcea; limnology; hydrobiology;

Summary/Abstract: The distinguished zoologist Constantin Motaș was educated in the Faculty of Sciences – „Al. Ioan Cuza” University of Iași, having as mentors Paul Bujor – Chief of Comparative Morphology Chair and Ion Borcea – Chief of Zoology Chair. After graduated, Motaș specialized in hydracarians and in 1928 he got his PhD title with the topic Contributions à la connaissance des hydracariens français, pariculièrement du sud-est de la France, defended to the Institut of Fisheries and Applied Hydrobiology – University of Grenoble. After several years as teacher to the Applied Zoology and Entomology – Faculty of Agricultural Sciences in Chișinău, Motaș came back to the Faculty of Sciences in Iași, as successor of Ion Borcea, to Zoology Chair. In the same time he was in charge with direction of the Natural History Museum and of the Zoological Marine Station from Agigea – both affiliated to Iași Faculty of Biology. After 1940 Motaș moved to the Bucharest’s Faculty of Biology as successor of Andrei Popovici‑Bâznoșanu, giving lectures of Zoology and also being in charge with direction of Sinaia Zoological Station and of the National Museum of Natural History. After the Second World War, Motaș rebuilt destroyed M.N.H. and University of Bucharest – as Deputy Rector. In 1956 Motaș founded the Central Institute of Sepelology „Emile Racovitza” from Bucharest and reorganized biospeleological research in Cluj, where first Institut of Speleology was founded in 1920 by Emile Racovitza. Motaș invented the term freatobiology – a branch of Limnology – his first specialization. Constantin Motaș was an exceptional scientist, teacher, organizer of academic institutions, with unusual sense of humour and impeccable behavior in society.

  • Issue Year: 2019
  • Issue No: 8
  • Page Range: 141-146
  • Page Count: 6
  • Language: Romanian