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Analyzing Cross-Cultural Studies of Arguing in the Globalized World
Analyzing Cross-Cultural Studies of Arguing in the Globalized World

Author(s): Iryna Khomenko
Subject(s): Philosophy, Globalization
Published by: Международное философско-космологическое общество
Keywords: philosophy of cosmology; globalized world; person of the future; cross-cultural studies; face to face arguing;empirical research;

Summary/Abstract: Cosmology is often viewed as the study of the physical universe. However, it does not mean thatthe issues of philosophy of cosmology relate only to research fields of physics, astronomy, astrophysics,and mathematics. It should be noted that cosmology explores the physical situation in the large context of human existence.In global times, new issues arise in the field of philosophical cosmology. How is the human mind changing with the improvement of human knowledge about the universe? What knowledge and skills should have a person of the future? Is it possible to create a universal human community, members of which will explore space, fly and live beyond the Earth? Can people of various cultures communicate with each other within this community?For the answers, scholars should conduct theoretical as well as empirical research. In this context,I have turned to current cross-cultural studies of communication, in which researchers explore how people from various cultural perspectives establish a dialogue in global times and what challenges they face. In the paper, I focus on the international project of comparing arguing in various countries across the globe. In my mind, its findings are important for two reasons: a substantial and a methodological one. I pay particular attention to the latter

  • Issue Year: 24/2020
  • Issue No: 24
  • Page Range: 91-98
  • Page Count: 8
  • Language: English