Legacy of dr. Albin Eder in the Regional heritage collection of Croatian Museum of Tourism Cover Image

Ostavština dr. Albina Edera u Zavičajnoj zbirci Hrvatskog muzeja turizma - kulturno naslijeđe i povijesno svjedočanstvo razvoja lovranskog turizma
Legacy of dr. Albin Eder in the Regional heritage collection of Croatian Museum of Tourism

Author(s): Maja Karić
Subject(s): Museology & Heritage Studies, Local History / Microhistory, Health and medicine and law, Tourism
Published by: Katedra Čakavskoga sabora Lovran
Keywords: Dr. Albin Eder; Croatian Museum of Tourism; Lovran; Opatija; Učka; health tourism; cultural tourism; heritage;

Summary/Abstract: Dr. Albin Eder, the Austrian physician who came to Lovran in 1895 and stayed there until his death in 1916, can be credited with many accomplishments in the revitalization of Lovran. He made every effort to realize the notable potential and qualities of the Lovran region as a coastal, as well as mountain tourist destination. Through the work of Dr. Eder’s family, his valuable heritage has been preserved and now greatly enhances the holdings of the Croatian Museum of Tourism. The Eder collection is a testament to the continuous efforts to improve living conditions in a community, as well as a testament to the very origins of the idea of Lovran as a world-known tourist destination.The Eder inheritance was given over to the Croatian Museum of Tourism in March of 2008. It consists of small pieces of medical equipment, photographs, a small photo-album, drawing, sketches, a travel journal and documents including the doctor’s personal records, letters and studies.Museums complete the tourists’ experience and enable them to create a more complete image of a country, region or town. In this manner, museums increase the overall quality of tourism, but they also contribute to a better quality of living of a community through interpreting heritage and providing information. Consequently, the Croatian Museum of Tourism and the inheritance of Dr. Albin Eder is an integral part of the tourism system.

  • Issue Year: 1/2010
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 69-87
  • Page Count: 19
  • Language: Croatian