Author(s): Teodor Badiu
Subject(s): Architecture
Published by: Editura Universitară “Ion Mincu”
Keywords: architecture; attitude; context; public and private space; contamination;

Summary/Abstract: Architecture is, from its beginnings and until today,in a continuous accumulation process, sometimes inspite and other times in the spirit of traditional norms and identity balance. A continue accumulation of newconcepts in the field of “craftsmanship” and technology,consistent to all that was/is new in the philosophic,social and artistic thinking, which makes this process acomplex one, which has to be investigated. Any architecturalintervention evidently assumes a transformation,a metamorphosis and an evolution of the spaceit is invading, changing and repositioning with otherreferences and other relations to existing and context.Responsible for the way this intervention is conductedand is aware of the further evolution of the space is occupyingbut also of the elements determining this transformationis the architect. Moreover, the architect willtry to identify, to find a way to negotiate with the space.Urban insertion is a concept of modernity and is of greatimportance in the meaning of optimally solving the interventionwithout affecting the urban built space. Theconstruction realized by the architect will be an answerhonored by correct organization of the built space,within the meaning of its social and cultural quality, inan honest relation with context. The form and meaningof the architecture object will show, through functional,structural and technologic solutions, the connections tothe context, with the place the architectural interventionis proposed for. A responsible “interrogation” of theplace, of its conditioning elements, of its defining relationsmust be conducted and analyzed as an integralpart of the design process. The success of the approachand of the optimum attitude towards the context dependson the quality and the precision of this interrogation.

  • Issue Year: 2017
  • Issue No: 9
  • Page Range: 83-99
  • Page Count: 17
  • Language: English, Romanian