Interpretation of Marxism in the Concept «Avant-Garde Museology» by A. Zhilyaev Cover Image

Потрактування марксизму в авангардній музеології А. Жиляєва
Interpretation of Marxism in the Concept «Avant-Garde Museology» by A. Zhilyaev

Author(s): Serhii Borisovich Rudenko
Subject(s): Museology & Heritage Studies, Metaphysics, Contemporary Philosophy, Marxism
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: Avant-garde museology; Arseny Zhilyaev; Marxism; metaphysic; scholastic; Lenin; Stalin; dialectical materialism;

Summary/Abstract: Purpose of the article. To find out adequacy of interpretation of Marxism in concept «avant-garde museology» by A. Zhilyaev. Methodology. Criticism of Karl Popper, deductive logic. Scientific novelty. For the first time, Marxism in avant-garde museology had been criticized. After that, it became clear, that Marxism is incompatibility to the scientific concept «avant-garde museology» because of scholasticism and metaphysics. Conclusions. Zhilyaev’s apologetics of Marxism according to avant-garde museology, is close to religion than science. The scholastic dispute about «pure» Marxism and so on can be continuing endlessly. It is not productive for science. The main error of Marxism is intolerance of pluralism. Thus, the scientific method eliminates from Marxism. The purpose of further researches is to find out compatibility of avantgarde and Marxism. This research will allow resolve issue of scientific relevance of concept «avant-garde museology».