Podillya Songs in the Context of Mentality and Ukrainian Folk Arts Interaction Cover Image

Пісні Поділля в контексті проблеми взаємовпливу української ментальності та народної творчості
Podillya Songs in the Context of Mentality and Ukrainian Folk Arts Interaction

Author(s): Pelageya Grigorivna Pavlyuchenko, Tatyata Valentynivna Shnurenko
Subject(s): Cultural history, Customs / Folklore, Music, Ethnohistory, Sociology of Art, History of Art
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: mentality; creative activity; folk songs of the Podilsky region of Ukraine; Yavdokha Zuykha;

Summary/Abstract: Purpose of Article is to highlight the characteristic features of Ukrainian Podil’s mentality on the basis of Yavdokha Zuykha’s oeuvre, in particular, the repertoire of the artist, to reveal the mutual influence of mentality and folk art as well as role and place of the region’s culture in terms of the national one. Methodology. A multidisciplinary approach plays a prominent role in the understanding the problem of mutual influence of the Ukrainian mentality and folk art, through which the analysis of the claimed problem is carried out with the involvement of scientific developments in the field of cultural studies, art history, ethnology, theory and practice of performing arts, and psychology. The theoretical and methodological foundation of the work is: the philosophical-anthropological approach which focuses on the philosophical and anthropological interpretation of the socio-cultural forms of the spiritual life of the cultural region; historical and cultural method which provides for an objective attitude to the accumulation of primary data, coverage of socio-political conditions that allows to reveal the phenomenon of the local culture in its dynamics; systematic approach that provides for the dynamic unity of regional cultural processes, determines the comprehension of regional culture as a system of higher complexity, self-developing and self-regulating. The article used one of the primary cultural methods - biographical, that allowed recreating the cultural plane in which the life of the famous Ukrainian performer of folk songs Yavdokha Zuykha was formed and proceeded. Scientific novelty. For the first time songs from Yavdokha Zuykha's repertoire are analyzed in the context of the problem of mutual influence of the Ukrainian mentality and folk art. Conclusions. Regional culture in general and Podil’s one, in particular, are a distinctive socio-cultural phenomenon. Regional culture has its geographical and temporal space, a unique unity of ethnic and national spiritual characteristics. The mentioned characteristics manifest themselves in the similarity of traditions, the stability of genetic and communicative cultural patterns, the proximity of religiousphilosophical, ethical and aesthetic ideological foundations. The essence of the local community is reflected within the desire for unity, harmony with oneself, and with the whole world, is realized. The most characteristic features of the mentality of Ukrainians in Podil are individualism, humor, benevolence, peacefulness, generosity, hospitality, musicality, diligence, cordocentrism, sensitivity, empathy, love for nature, bright rites, aesthetics of folk life. The particular features are strikingly reflected in songs from the repertoire of Yavdokha Zuykha. Knowledge of the individual region’s culture is an indispensable condition for the formation of national consciousness since each separate region has not only external borders and its own structure but also reflects the spiritual world of the individual. A person is the center of the cultural space of a region.

  • Issue Year: 2017
  • Issue No: 39
  • Page Range: 184-196
  • Page Count: 13
  • Language: Ukrainian