Cartography Targets for Shaping Sustainable Regions Cover Image

Cartography Targets for Shaping Sustainable Regions
Cartography Targets for Shaping Sustainable Regions

Cartography Targets for Shaping Sustainable Regions

Author(s): Maricel Palamariu, Ildiko Tulbure, Silvia Alexandra Dreghici
Subject(s): Regional Geography, Environmental Geography, Geomatics, Maps / Cartography
Published by: Editura Aeternitas
Keywords: Cartography; Sustainable Regions; Land Property; Maps; Interdisciplinary Approach;

Summary/Abstract: Regional sustainability was recognized as one key issue connecting urban to national sustainability. The developments have however emphasized that beside wanted effects of technological progress, undesired negative effects can appear. Some scenarios for the future regional development estimate that by 2050 regions will gain more self-administra-tion and development competence in the context of the own countries. In this regard technical and economic fields should be taken into account in connection to the social one, where special attention has to be paid to the field of cartography. This is becoming more relevant regarding assuring regional sustainability because of the need of land property clarifications. Without maps, people would hardly be space oriented and the knowledge about spatial relations and objects locations in space is a first condition for assuring a successful economic development. In the last time the scientific level in cartography has been strongly developed, so that maps can be currently automatically derived from geo-data acquisition methods and presented in a range of forms, from maps on mobile phones to augmented reality presenta-tions. In this paper some cartography targets will be debated for getting sustainable regions.

  • Issue Year: 2018
  • Issue No: 24
  • Page Range: 143-150
  • Page Count: 8
  • Language: English
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