The Law of the Love in Ibn Dāwūd Al-Zāhirī ’s Al-Zahra Cover Image

İbn Dâvûd Ez-Zâhirî’nin ez-Zehra Adlı Eserinde Aşkın Fıkhı
The Law of the Love in Ibn Dāwūd Al-Zāhirī ’s Al-Zahra

Author(s): Adnan Arslan
Subject(s): Middle-East Philosophy, Rhetoric
Published by: Anadolu İlahiyat Akademisi
Keywords: Arabic Langauge and Rhetoric; Ibn Dāwūd Al-Ẓāhirī; al-Zahra; Love; Philosophy;

Summary/Abstract: One of the most distinctive features that distinguishes man from all other living things is his/her extensive conversation ability. Phenomenon of love, which is the ultimate summit of this characteristic that makes it valuable, has occupied philosophers throughout human thought history. The first thinker to consider the phenomenon of love as an ontological issue Plato’s evaluations of love have also been reflected in early Islamic thought. Ibn Dāwūd Al-Ẓāhirī al-Iṣfahānī’s work al-Zahra is accepted as the first attempt to pass Plato's philosophy of love to the Islamic world. The author has written a work of authenticity that will inspire the Arab literati and thinkers to follow in style. This article will examine Ibn Dāwūd Al-Ẓāhirī al-Iṣfahānī’s work in terms of form and content. In the introductory part, general information about the philosophy of love will be given. After that, the work will be examined in terms of form; an analysis of the sources of poetry applied by the author. Then, the context and perspective of love” discussed in the work will be evaluated.

  • Issue Year: 2019
  • Issue No: 39
  • Page Range: 243-258
  • Page Count: 16
  • Language: Turkish