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Александър Фол – казаното, премълчаното
Alexander Fol – The Said, The Held Back

Author(s): Maya Avramova
Subject(s): History, Fine Arts / Performing Arts, Cultural history, Photography, History of ideas, Social history, Ancient World
Published by: Институт за балканистика с Център по тракология - Българска академия на науките
Keywords: Prof. Al. Fol; The Said, The Held Back; History of Bulgarian territory in Antiquity; Orphica Magica

Summary/Abstract: … Тhat when it comes to history, she – I remind you – is a muse named Clio and that this Clio has the majestic nobility to be Human Knowledge (Фол А. 1997. История на българските земи в древността до края на III в. пр. Хр. София, 1997:296/ Fol, Al. History of Bulgarian territory in Antiquity to the end of III BC. Sofia, 1997: 296). …what History holds back becomes fatefully more important than what has been said or even written by her (Fol, Al. Thracian Culture: The Said, The Held Back. Sofia, 1998: 8). The last monographs Man in the Types of Time, Man in the Types of Space, and Orphica Magica I by Master Fol, are a demonstration of his creation/participation/presence in the drama produced by Clio. This participation/presence is expressed in writing in the director’s notebook of the Drama which is not doomed to fall off the stage due to absence of co-participating viewers, albeit in a chamber ensemble. In it, the notebook, step by step, has been developed in detail the dramaturgical setting of the acting characters and their behaviour in the different scenes of the ritual and the requisites employed to communicate with God in order to attain the essence of immortality. The author Alexander Fol introduces the main characters of the play and the logical accents in the nine languages and the references they use. These languages do not describe. They display the image, the name, the number, the tone, the matter, the shape, the colour, the movement and the function according to the model of Herodotus’ and of the Samothracian tetrad (Fol, Al. Orphica Magica I. Sofia, 2005: 51). After reading these Books/Dramas, the question arises compulsively: What has been said is already a fact, but what have you held back, Master, and why? Have you closed the door for the uninitiated or is there still a narrow crack?

  • Issue Year: 2019
  • Issue No: 24
  • Page Range: 128-133
  • Page Count: 6
  • Language: English, Bulgarian