Growing up of Literature for Children Cover Image

Одрастање књижевности за децу
Growing up of Literature for Children

Author(s): Tijana Tropin
Subject(s): Fiction
Published by: Институт за књижевност и уметност
Keywords: children’s literature; translation; fantasy as a genre; literary influence

Summary/Abstract: This paper attempts to summarize some aspects of contemporary children’s literature which deserve a more intense research. The first part highlights some traits characteristic for the translation of children’s literature, especially the tendency to adapt, rather than to translate, and to add didactic or sentimental overtones to the original text. The inclination towards localisation of the target text is also emphasized. Some reasons for these traits can be found in the unusual, dual status of children’s literature. The second part deals with some contemporary trends in Serbian children’s literature, especially the growing popularity of the fantasy genre. It stresses the influence of foreign genre literature on younger writers, particularly the linguistic influence of bad translations, but some positive results are listed as well – Serbian children’s writers are exploring new possibilities of merging foreign and domestic literary traditions. The paper ends with an appeal for a more extensive examination of our translations of children’s literature, aimed at the constitution of a translator’s poetics and a higher regard for its importance.

  • Issue Year: 44/2012
  • Issue No: 148
  • Page Range: 769-777
  • Page Count: 9
  • Language: Serbian