Language vs. dialect question and Samoyedic languages Cover Image

Проблема «язык или диалект» и самодийские языки
Language vs. dialect question and Samoyedic languages

Author(s): Yuri B. Koryakov
Subject(s): Sociolinguistics, Finno-Ugrian studies
Published by: Институт языкознания Российской академии наук
Keywords: Samoyedic; Lexicostatistics; Taxonomy; Sociolinguistics; Selkup; Nenets; Enets;

Summary/Abstract: The work evaluates whether varieties in each of three Samoyedic subgroups (Nenets, Enets and Selkup) are separate languages or dialects. Sociolinguistic and structural criteria, as well lexicostatistic data, are used for the evaluation. The conclusion is that linguistically there are two Nenets, one Enets and at least two Selkup languages. 100-word Swadesh lists for the language varieties evaluated are provided in the Appendix.

  • Issue Year: 2018
  • Issue No: 04 (31)
  • Page Range: 156-217
  • Page Count: 62
  • Language: Russian