Differences Between Generations in Addressing the Public Cover Image

Generációs különbségek a nyilvánossághoz való viszonyulásban
Differences Between Generations in Addressing the Public

Author(s): Anna Kós
Subject(s): Media studies
Published by: Universitatea de Arte din Târgu Mureş - A Marosvásárhelyi Művészeti Egyetem Kiadója
Keywords: social media; content creator; generations; public sphere; private sphere;

Summary/Abstract: The individual’s way of addressing the public had gone through a considerable change since the emergence of the social media. The internet makes it possible for anyone to become a content creator, and it gives them the necessary incentives to consider uploading shocking content a priority. Thus, the contents of the private sphere are becoming more and more acceptable to appear in front of the public eye. It logically follows from this that public attitude is also changing, this being the central problem of my paper: the members of older generations are horrified that our constantly evolving technology provides opportunity for anyone (including groups having political interest in it) to thoroughly observe (or “spy”) our personal lives, while younger generations do not quite understand the dangers involved, as they, by their own free will, present details of their private lives for anyone using social media to see. Changing methods of communication always reshaped our understanding of the public sphere, but it seems that the gap between younger and older generations is now wider than ever. We must rethink not only our relationship with the public but also the notion of freedom of opinion and the borders between the private and the public sphere.

  • Issue Year: XIX/2018
  • Issue No: 34
  • Page Range: 80-88
  • Page Count: 9
  • Language: Hungarian