Peaks of Ukrainian lyryc: poems by P. Tychyna – I. Drach – Yu. Izdryk Cover Image

Вершини української лірики: вірші П. Тичини – І. Драча – Ю. Іздрика
Peaks of Ukrainian lyryc: poems by P. Tychyna – I. Drach – Yu. Izdryk

Author(s): Yanina Yukhymuk
Subject(s): Ukrainian Literature
Published by: Чернівецький національний університет імені Юрія Федьковича
Keywords: Pavlo Tychyna; Ivan Drach; Yuriy Izdryk; Ukraine; independence; clarinetism; modernism; postmodernism; lyric; humor; satire; burlesque; aesthetics;

Summary/Abstract: In the article analyzing the impact of major historical events and activities of prominent personalities of the century (1918–2018) on the development of national literature, and the main attention to Ukrainian literature. Considering books of poems by such unique writers as P. Tychyna, I. Drach and Yu. Izdryk in the context of the world literary process, the author notes the depth of the national tradition of the poem, equally they have the tendency to romanticize both political events and social processes.Accession to independence was the impetus to the development of a national culture in countries that had previously been a part of the empire or were dependent on the interaction with certain countries. The evolution of the concept of independence, which for 100 years has significantly expanded its meaning, is also seen in the analyzed collections: “Solar clarinets” (1918), “To the origins” (1968), “Lazy and tender” (2018). The theme of inner freedom, without which outer freedom is an illusion, highlights the mentioned collections among other works by contemporaries of P. Tychyna, I. Drach and Yu. Izdryk.For the effectiveness of the analysis, theories of aesthetes-intuitionists were used: H. Bergson, B. Croce, and H. Read, which open up new ways of understanding fiction.

  • Issue Year: 2018
  • Issue No: 98
  • Page Range: 157-174
  • Page Count: 18
  • Language: Ukrainian