Using LEGO® To Understand Emotion Work In Doctoral Education Cover Image

Using LEGO® To Understand Emotion Work In Doctoral Education
Using LEGO® To Understand Emotion Work In Doctoral Education

Author(s): Nicole Brown, Jo Collins
Subject(s): Education, Higher Education , Individual Psychology, Social psychology and group interaction, Developmental Psychology, Behaviorism
Published by: New Millennium Discoveries Ltd
Keywords: LEGO®; Emotion Work; Emotional Labour; Identity Work; PhD Students; Doctoral Researchers; PhD Research;

Summary/Abstract: In this paper, we present a project of the University of Kent Graduate School that utilises this paradox of playfulness and creativity. LEGO® is used in workshops to explore doctoral students’ emotions around the complex and solitary experience of a PhD research. We argue LEGO® is uniquely generative for exploring emotion work. After a brief overview of the background and context to the doctoral training workshop, we provide a brief review of emotion work. We then describe the LEGO® workshop we developed for our students, before explaining our approach to data collection and analysis. We then present our results, using verbatim statements from conversations with students around their LEGO® models. We present the interconnected building elements of height, walls and positioning, which are particularly impactful in highlighting the emotion work with LEGO® models. We connect the findings to a brief discussion in relation to the literature around emotion work. We have found that LEGO®’ bricks structure, solidity, and variety ensure its openness to metaphorical investment and promote the creation of narratives. Thus, building LEGO® models enabled participants to engage creatively with routinization of practices and emotion work, as well their positive support networks. We conclude with final thoughts on the value of LEGO® and steps for further developing the existing workshop.

  • Issue Year: 5/2018
  • Issue No: 4
  • Page Range: 193-209
  • Page Count: 17
  • Language: English