Intensity and Correlates of Conflict Between the Parent and Business Roles Cover Image

Израженост и корелати конфликта родитељских и пословних улога родитељаa
Intensity and Correlates of Conflict Between the Parent and Business Roles

Author(s): Marija Đorđević, Marina Matejević
Subject(s): Organizational Psychology
Published by: Универзитет у Нишу
Keywords: conflict based on strain; conflict based on the behaviour; conflict between the parent and business roles; time-based conflict; work-family

Summary/Abstract: The modern family is facing many new challenges as a result of an extreme crisis and profound change that has its own peculiarities in our transitional environment. The development of technology and changes in the organization of work in the contemporary society that has occurred in recent decades carry as a result the emergence of conflicts in the work-family area. This paper addresses the issue of the intensity of the inter-role conflict regarding the parent and business roles. We had three tasks within the goal of our research - examining the relationship between conflict and independent variables: the parents' gender, level оf education and the type of job. In order to determine more easily the differences between the levels of conflict among parental and business roles regarding all mentioned variables, the factor analysis was conducted. The Lickert scale assessing the level of parental and business roles conflict, which was specifically designed for the purposes of this study, set aside five factors - dimension of the conflict: Time conflict, Stress conflict, Positive effect of employment, Behavioral conflict and Conflict in performing activities. The study included 204 participants - working parents with at least one child, three to 16 years old, on the territory of Serbia. The results indicate that the parents in Serbia do not express parental and business roles conflict, in fact, the positive effect of employment is being expressed among these parents. Parental and business roles conflict was not related to any specific type of job, but the results did show that mothers express more stress conflict that fathers do. Regarding the fact that women are taking upon themselves a double job - job of a worker and a housekeeper, these results were expected. The positive employment effect is higher among parents with higher education levels than the parents with lower levels of education. Our interpretation of these results is that it is possible that the parents with higher levels of education could achieve their goals sooner than the parent with lower levels of education, thus these parent are more satisfied wtih themselves. The parents who are satisfied with themselves achieve more easily a balance between work and family.

  • Issue Year: XLII/2018
  • Issue No: 3
  • Page Range: 763-778
  • Page Count: 16
  • Language: Serbian