Author(s): Oleg Gennadiyevich Danilyan, Olexander Petrovych Dzoban
Subject(s): Culture and social structure , Globalization
Published by: Національний юридичний університет імені Ярослава Мудрого
Keywords: globalization of culture; cultural unification; cultural assimilation; acculturation; cultural expansion; cultural diffusion; synthesis of cultures;

Summary/Abstract: It is shown that in connection with the globalization of the modern world, conditioned, first of all, by the rates of introduction of information technologies, in development of culture clearly lag of civilization progress appeared from scientific and technical. Civilization progress submits to other conformities to law, that is related not to dying off all traditional, but with his cultivation. In this connection the problem of harmonization of innovative and traditional forms of culture needs a study. One of variants of decision of this problem globalization of culture that understands as unity of variety would become pluralism of cultural forms within the framework of single universal cultural space.Attention is accented on that development of technologies and forming of openness of access to different information allows to avoid temporal outage, that was peculiar to the processes that took place before. It assists creation of informative global society unreserved the scopes of the separate states. Information, knowledge become the major resource of globalization presently.Marked, that the process of globalization, sent to creation of the only, integrated society, that functions through general informatively-economic networks, is capable to decide many problems, that arise up on the way of development of humanity, and on the whole estimate this process positively. It is underlined that globalization of culture is a process of integration of separate national cultures in an only world culture on the basis of development of transport vehicles, economic connections and facilities of communication. Globalization of culture in the modern world – it dialectical contradictory process, in that tendencies of integration and differentiation, conflicts and collaboration, universal and particularly does not eliminate each other, but are mutually providing for progress trends. Globalization of culture and her contradiction it is suggested to examine in two measuring: in the scale of society, and also in the scale of the system of societies. Marked, that important for understanding of complication and contradiction of process of globalization of culture there are tendencies in the modern world, directions after that development of global public process comes true: cultural polarization, cultural assimilation, cultural hybridization and cultural isolation. Grounded, that the dialogue of cultures historically arises up in the process of communication of representatives of different cultures (national and ethnic) or between subcultures within the limits of clearly certain space-temporal continuum. Such co-operation takes place under right culture, what traditional for subjects communications. These norms of culture, as a rule, have symbolic, sign character. In the process of globalization the methods of co-operation of different cultures are various enough. Exactly an analysis of methods of co-operation of cultures in the process of globalization, in opinion of authors of the article, is the most perspective approach, because allows to systematize all possible variants of dialogue of cultures, including those that were considered before.Drawn conclusion, that globalization of culture in the modern world is a difficult, dialectical contradictory process, in that tendencies of integration and differentiation, conflicts and collaboration, universalization and particularity does not eliminate each other, but are mutually providing for progress trends. Examining the problems of globalization, it is necessary to remember, that a culture of any society is the difficult system the elements (by subsystems) of that are traditional and innovative cultural forms, subculture of different social associations, groups, religious confessions and others like that. Except the certain lines of unity, between the elements of the social and cultural system, and also between cultures on the whole, there are certain differences that at co-operation of subjects in the process of globalization can acquire the different states: from integration (inter penetration) to the conflict.In the process of globalization, objectively there are communications between the representatives of different cultures (national and ethnic) or between subcultures. Researchers distinguish, as a rule, a few basic methods co-operations of cultures, as a result of that or social and cultural experience of people and concords is enriched, or ethnic cultural contradictions become sharp. Basic among them are: actualization, cultural expansion, cultural diffusion, synthesis of cultures and others.