The Use of ne- Derivatives in Traian Dorz’s Poetry Revisited Cover Image

Din nou despre derivatele cu prefixul NE- în lirica lui Traian Dorz
The Use of ne- Derivatives in Traian Dorz’s Poetry Revisited

Author(s): Florina Băcilă
Subject(s): Language and Literature Studies
Published by: Editura Universităţii de Vest din Timişoara
Keywords: derivation; prefix; lexicology; semantics; stylistics; mystical-religious poetry;

Summary/Abstract: The objective of the present paper is to examine the special connotations of two atypical derivatives with the prefix ne-, nerăspuns (‘unanswer’) and a necuprinde (‘to unembrace’), highlighting their role in setting the lyrical frame of Traian Dorz’s poetry. Traian Dorz is a contemporary Romanian poet, unfortunately understudied, who wrote thousands of poems of mystical insight and numerous volumes of memoirs and religious meditation. The two terms (which are not included in the Romanian language dictionaries, although the structures of the Romanian language theoretically allow for their existence) claim mostly figurative meanings in the contexts that we had identified, which constitutes our point of departure. The analysis of the excerpts where they are used reveals their similarity with other ne- derivatives that express an affirmative idea, accompanied by stylistic effects. The creative capacity of the poet does not lie in the number of such derivatives in a particular context, but in the ways he positions them in relation to other elements, often in surprising lexical combinations. Beyond the actualisation of some more or less known meanings, the analysis shows, yet again, that the study of the vocabulary used by a poet represents one of the most adequate means of shedding light on his artistic beliefs, trends and directions, his philosophy of life (in this case – the vision on Divinity), the intensity with which he perceives the world and its unexpected, varied experiences, as well as his original ways of transposing them into poetical images.

  • Issue Year: 2012
  • Issue No: 50
  • Page Range: 115-122
  • Page Count: 8
  • Language: Romanian
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