Author(s): Olena Mykolaivna Sakhan, Nataliia Vitaliivna Shevchuk
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences, Social Sciences
Published by: Національний юридичний університет імені Ярослава Мудрого
Keywords: values; European values; European standards; social consciousness; integration process;

Summary/Abstract: Problem setting. The entry of Ukraine into the European space has contributed to the formation of pro-European thinking, positive guidelines for the state building, efficient market economy, system of legal support of human life, social security of citizens, national culture, education etc, among large number of Ukrainian people. The change of vector of political consciousness of Ukrainians towards the values of the Western civilization has influenced the direction of political process from stagnation to progress and prosperity by reformation and deepening the integration process between the EU and Ukraine, which reflected in Ukrainian legislation. Therefore, the issue of determination of the European values role for the Ukrainian society is relevant and requires comprehensive examination in modern conditions of functioning and development of Ukrainian state.Recent research and publications analysis. In the works of G. Delanty, A. Giddens, J. Habermas, B. Haievsky, S. Lucarelli, V. Mahun, A. Pagden, O. Valevsky theoretical comprehension of the European values essence, study of their nature, peculiarities of their formation and functioning were displayed. N. Amelchenko, A. Bulvinsky, Y. Holovaha, M. Piren, A. Ruchka, O. Sakalo, Y Shaihorodsky and others have dedicated their works to the comparison of Ukrainian society values to European values and regulations of life, and to the definition of the values phenomenon place in social and cultural realities.Paper objective. The objective of our research is to find out the essence of European values and their meaning for the development and stable functioning of Ukrainian state.Paper main body. The authors note that the values are multidimensional construction, extremely difficult in realization. Defining the leading role of European values as a standard measuring criteria of the importance of human deeds and activities, Ukraine shares the common values with the EU and considers the integration in political and economical structures of the EU as the priority direction; however, the realization of such a choice is possible on condition that the value consolidation of the population is achieved. Without formation of integral values system, society is doomed to orientation duality, behavior and thinking confrontation, the «crisis of ideals» will happen. Examining the issue of perception of the European values by Ukrainian society, their practical and legislative acknowledgment on the territory of our country in conditions of European state development, the authors underline that the public consciousness of a certain number of Ukrainians still hasn’t got rid of totalitarian system «viruses»; the authors also have concerns about the loss of national and cultural identity, and inability of innovational development without external assistance and instructions. The problems of a certain inconsistency between the declaration of pan-European values made by Ukrainian authorities as the important component of Ukrainian integration in united European space, and really existing social and political practice on their implementation, the corruption of the authorities, their irresponsibility and the absence of effective mechanism of control over authority representatives elected by people remain unsolved.Conclusions of the research. The conducted analysis allows the authors to conclude that the carrying out of planned reforms, realization of which will help to fix the European standards in society, the educational work among people about formation of psychology of full responsibility of what is happening in the state, including overcoming psychology of inferiority and formation of psychology of public people, responsible for themselves and their country, oriented on participation in democratic transformations, in the process of the state reformation and development of civil society institutions, in protection of citizens interests; people who will to find their own means of participation in social and political life and relationships with the authorities and, finally, to build a prosperous European society.