Author(s): Boris Dmitrievich Golovanov, Olga Volodymyrivna Frolova
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences, Sociology of Politics
Published by: Національний юридичний університет імені Ярослава Мудрого
Keywords: identity; authenticity; ideology; repressive social; technological rationality;

Summary/Abstract: Problem setting. The article considers the problem of realization of human individuality under constant pressure of the social system on the minds and psyche of people. Recent research and publications analysis. This problem was investigated, starting from 30 years of the twentieth century within the framework of critical social theory (M. Horkheimer, T. Adorno, H. Marcuse, E. Fromm etc.). In the twenty-first century we are witnessing the inadequacy of the proposed solutions and worsening of the problem. Paper objective. To identify and explore new factors and conditions that prevent individuals to attain the authentic reason for internal development. Раper main body. The irrationality of modern society, divided into separate streamlined fragments of everyday life, became invisible to the individual. Doubts and emotional pro¬test of unreasonableness set by government laws and regulations the most subtle ways are pushed to the periphery of individual and social consciousness. In each case, irrational declared doubt the individual consciousness, whereas the decisions taken at the level of society as a whole look quite rational and sanctified by the authority of science. Modern science loses its critical evaluation in relation to the social whole created on its basis and becomes a universal ideology of industrial civilization. The rationality of modern scientific technology securely inscribed in the irrationality of society as a whole.Science re¬places the weakening of global ideologies in the system of social control, progressive pathos of the past is replaced by attitudes of society of mass consumption. Technological thinking, which dominates in the developed industrial society, establishes a new, more effective forms of social control over individuals. One of these forms is the blurring of the distinction between false and true needs of individuals. «Pseudopatient» in a large quantity are imposed on the individual through sophisticated technology intervention in the sphere of the unconscious.In these circumstances, the categories of psychology and psychiatry become categories of social forces and political processes that support oppressive pressure on individuals. To block the natural resistance of the individuals excessive repression, science begins the attack on the last refuge of their freedom, the inner world of individuals.Repressive civilization deprives the individual the ability to cultivate reflective thinking and to move along the path of self-discovery. Instead of the inner creative space of the individual by external pressure is continuously imposed on the ersatz identity, substituting its authenticity. A variety of collective rituals, widely practised in a civilized society, aimed at maintaining modern myths and the weakening of the critical abilities of the individual to resist the hypnotic influence of the new civil religion. Conclusions of the research. The lack of a clear revolutionary forces does a modern society is less irrational, since the situation though and pushes into the background the idea of emancipation of the whole mankind but confronts each individual with the task of liberation from external ideological pressure.

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