The Forums in the Digital Version of Bulgarian Newspapers and the New Communities Cover Image
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Форумите в електронните издания на българските вестници и новите общности
The Forums in the Digital Version of Bulgarian Newspapers and the New Communities

Author(s): Yordan Eftimov
Subject(s): Social Sciences
Published by: Институт по философия и социология при БАН

Summary/Abstract: The paper analyses discipline procedures in the electronic forums. It studies how some new participants are accepted or are not accepted from older forum men. According to the paper regular participants in a forum create something like informal club with own ways of politeness, own rules and hierarchy. The study presents the features of a type public person, who is typical only for these informal clubs. He is halfanony-mous citizen. But language reflexive too. The author of the paper involves a notion for solida-rity of the ironic people. He examines also dis-cursive freedom of the forum: existing of calem-bours and metaboles, active using of low ele-ments of diction, the play with the censure. The forum clearly „remembers“ wooden language of socialistic press and it is particularly sensitive to emerging of new ideological discourses. There is a relation between the themes in the forum and the roles of their participants. For instance how these participants often put the theme of itself physical absence from Bulgaria. The paper insists on the problem about functionality of the forum. The forum replaces the letters from the reci-pients, but and paraliterature comic annex. The author is interested in the development of the forums, its institutional statement and the discus-sions on the forum until now. The forums are the testimony for the overdemocraticism of the Bul-garian media. Finally it is presented in contra-stive aspect the common structure of forums and the Bulgarian sites for literature and culture.

  • Issue Year: 36/2004
  • Issue No: 3-4
  • Page Range: 191-202
  • Page Count: 13
  • Language: Bulgarian