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erotizmis mxatvruli reprezentaciebi
Artistic Representations of Eroticism

Author(s): Nona Kupreishvili
Subject(s): Language and Literature Studies
Published by: ლიტერატურის ინსტიტუტის გამომცემლობა
Keywords: erotic; metasexual awareness; modernist project; conceptual shifts.

Summary/Abstract: As it is known, soviet literary criticism used to discuss socio-cultural facts andeven literary texts within the frameworks of Marxist ideology that extremely restricted thearea of scientific study. So, there were also lots of taboo themes that analysis were prohibited.Among them was concept of eroticism that mainly was equated with so called notionof love lyrics. However pre and post-revolutionary Georgian poetry and prose ascribedby us as the era of modernism, includes very interesting material with regard to aforesaid.Principally significant is definition of itself this theme, as eroticism, because due tofragile borders existed on the one hand at sexuality and on the other hand at pornography,the terminology is often messed up. Michael Epshtein better determined aforesaid thanothers, calling eroticism as metasexual awareness and fancy, separating from our body inorder to return to it in abstract, though at the same time in more accented form. And moreover:sexuality – means confidence, needs and requirement, when eroticism principally isdesire.What kind of condition was faced within the context of pre and post-revolutionaryGeorgian writing from the standpoint of artistic representation of eroticism, as one of thestrongest concept of modernism? It appeared that due to several reasons it is broad subjectof study. And such attitude first of all is created by the fact that can be stated as follows:Georgian writing managed not to become plagiarist of European and Russian modernism,vice versa, under the usual synthesis of western and eastern cultures as Gr. Robakidze usedto say, that, with a marriage it managed to form its original color for this great renewal...

  • Issue Year: 2018
  • Issue No: 19
  • Page Range: 289-302
  • Page Count: 13
  • Language: Georgian