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Intuitions: Rijeka Response to Nenad Miščević
Intuitions: Rijeka Response to Nenad Miščević

Author(s): Michael Devitt
Subject(s): Philosophy of Language
Published by: KruZak
Keywords: Voice of Competence; Modest Explanation; linguistic understanding; visual analogy; developmental evidence;

Summary/Abstract: This paper is a response to Nenad Miščević’s “Reply to Michael Devitt”, the latest in an exchange on the source of linguistic intuitions. Miščević defends a modified version (“MoVoC”) of the received view that these intuitions are the product of a linguistic competence. I have earlier rejected all versions of the received view urging instead that intuitions are, like perceptual judgments, empirical theory-laden central processor responses to phenomena. (1) I emphasize here, against Miščević, that this claim about a speaker’s intuitions about strings is not to be conflated with a claim about her understanding of strings. (2) I develop my claim, addressed by Miščević, that MoVoC is implausible in three ways. But these are not the main problems for MoVoC. For further discussion of those, see Jutronić’s paper in this volume.

  • Issue Year: XVIII/2018
  • Issue No: 53
  • Page Range: 277-282
  • Page Count: 6
  • Language: English