Agriculture of Serbia: One Hundred Years of Modernization Efforts Cover Image

Пољопривреда Србије: сто година модернизацијских напора
Agriculture of Serbia: One Hundred Years of Modernization Efforts

Author(s): Rajko Bukvić
Subject(s): Agriculture, Economic history, Economic development
Published by: Српска академија наука и уметности
Keywords: serbia; Yugoslavia; primary sector; agriculture; forestry; farming; animal husbandry; modernization

Summary/Abstract: the paper analyzes the position and importance of agriculture within the economy of serbia and Yugoslavia during the 20th and 21st centuries. It ponders the processes of development and modernization of agriculture in the period since the creation of the common state of the south slav peoples after the Great War until today. Firstly, a definition of this sector is exposed, thus giving it a specific position within the whole economy. secondly, a historic overview is presented of its development in the Kingdom of serbs, Croats and slovenes, as well as in the socialist period of the Yugoslav state. Finally, it shows the development of agriculture in the transition period and its actual state, according to the results of the Agricultural Census from 2012.